Who we are

Since the founding of our church, we have been committed to spreading the Gospel and serving the community of Greenville.


In 1926, members of the Sans Souci neighborhood bonded together to create a church community that met to worship Jesus and to serve their neighbors. Originally known as The Tabernacle, this group met under a canvas tent until constructing the church building in 1930 and changing their name to Sans Souci Baptist Church. After 18 years, the church expanded their building to include the current sanctuary in 1948 and accumulated many committed members for the next several decades. Enjoying great success in the 1970's and 1980's, church attendance began to dwindle in the 1990's and early 2000's as the church lost sight of its founding goal: To spread the Gospel and provide for the needs of the surrounding community. In 2015, the church partnered with Brookwood Church to replant the church and revitalize its mission in order to regain its founding intent. With new leadership and a renewed vision, Sans Souci Church is committed to telling everyone of the saving power of Jesus and to serving the needs of people who live in Sans Souci and the greater Greenville area.